Monday, October 13, 2014

Male To Female Post-Operative Care

After sexchange male to female surgery, the patient will be placed under the surgeon's close supervision:

1. Patient would be under a clear liquid diet. Any fibrous and milky beverages that can induced an intimely defecation within 2-3 days after surgery should be avoided to prevent  infection.

2. Patient on should stay on bed for a certain days to prevent the wound being pressed or closed up.

3. Patient uses a vaginal douche or sterile solution to clean the wound  to prevent from being infected until the patient is able to move around 5-7 days after surgery.

4. Patient need to use a small size dilator and it gradually increased in size during the healing process.
5. Patient need to dilate the neo-vagina 3-4 times a day by pushing and pulling in and out of the vagina.and leave the dilator at least 30 minutes. Dilation should be done everyday for 2-3 months after surgery and 1 dilation per day after 1 year to keep the vaginal hole narrow.

5. Patient need to return for follow consultation and removal of stitches 7 days after surgery.

6. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for a couple of months after surgery.

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